Counter Conditioning with TrainAway & Treat Dispensers

Dog Training has Never Been Easier.

TrainAway is excited to announce our integration with the Pet Tutor Treat Dispenser. You can now condition positive behaviors using the TrainAway Pro app and the Pet Tutor Treat Dispenser. TrainAway Pro is now available on the App Store.

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What Behaviors can TrainAway Pro help with?

The TrainAway Pro App can help Desensitize your dog to any Sound. But Sometimes Desensitization is not enough or maybe you want to condition a positive behavior to go along with a sound.

TrainAway Pro can quickly change your dogs behavior such as barking and jumping at the door to running to their bed or crate for a treat. You can use the TrainAway Pro App paired with your Treat Dispenser to associate any sound with a ‘Go to your place’ command.

TrainAway Pro currently works with the Gen 3 Pet Tutor from Smart Animal Training.


Recall Command

That’s right, You can even use it to teach ‘Recall’! By associating the sound of a whistle with a treat dispensing and by moving your Treat Dispenser and Speaker into different locations in the house your dog will learn to run to where ever the whistle is coming from whenever they hear it.

Stay (coming soon)

TrainAway will soon be adding a progressive treat delay function which will allow us to teach “Stay or Wait’ as well as ‘Go to your Place and Stay’. This function will release treats in a progressively delayed pattern and have multiple phases for your pet to Shape, Learn and Master the behavior.


TrainAway Pro comes Pre-loaded with all of the professionally recorded sounds on the TrainAway app as well as the ability to record your own.

Nuisance Sounds

  • DoorBells & Knocking
  • People Outside or Apartment Sounds
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Garage Doors

Fearful Sounds

  • Thunder & Fireworks
  • Vacuums

Exposure toNew Sounds (Great for Puppies and Service Dogs)

  • Baby Sounds & Kids
  • Hospital and Airport Sounds

Current Integration