the start

Deuce and Archie are the star of the this show, they are my two dogs that we love very much. My wife and I even moved further away from work to have a bigger yard. Then we got pregnant. It was a clearly exciting time but equally anxious. I was worried about the interaction between my dogs and a new baby. So much so that I carried a baby doll and played baby crying noises for months.

But it worked.

I noticed the gradual improvement to my dogs behavior. They were less stressed and had a limited reaction each day getting a little better. I did notice there was an initial learning curve of about 6 days. During that time I saw limited improvement. Then the leap happened.

I called my friend Kris, who had been training dogs both personally and professionally for over 10 years. He said what about thunder and vacuums and door bells. And then we made TrainAway.

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