Thundershirt & TrainAway – Calm Dogs Scared of Thunder.

According to, Thunderstorm phobia in dogs is a real phobia that generally doesn’t go away on it’s own. Thundershirts, Desensitization, Counter conditioning and creating a safe space are all recommended in treating noise phobias.

Like most things, there’s no silver bullet to cure Noise Phobias. They recommend a multi-faceted approach of:

“Rewarding Calm Behavior” – Try teaching the calm command
“Creating a safe place for your dog to use during a storm” – A covered crate in a central room with a white noise maker can make a big difference
“Trying snug garments like the thundershirt” – Snug Garments have proved effective for some dogs.
”Desensitizing your dog to the sounds associated with the storms” – Use the TrainAway app to get your dogs used to thunder at low volumes and work your way up to full strength.

TrainAway is the best dog training app on the market for desensitizing to noises like Thunder, Fireworks, Gunshots and more. Start desensitizing today, don’t wait for summer when it can already be too late. Pair with a loud speaker, surround sound and a Thundershirt for best results. Start with a low volume and work up over time. Don’t forget to counter condition with treats to turn a negative behavior into a positive one!

Start desensitizing today and check out the below article on how to help your dogs with their fear of storms! See how TrainAway helped other dogs by checking out #TrainAway_ADT on Instagram.

For extreme cases be sure to talk to your vet or a behaviorist to fully understand what is causing your dogs adverse reactions to different noises.

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