A Smart Dog Training App Videos and Reviews

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As Featured on SoundBytesRadio

Listen to Jan Ziff, describe our Smart Dog Training App, on SoundBytesRadio, the longest running and award winning technology show on national radio – CBS News.

Kayla Fratt – Journey Dog Training

Kayla has been training since 2012. She consistently puts out high quality dog training video’s and articles. I highly recommend checking out her website for all things dog training! Journey Dog Training See Kayla’s review of our Dog Training App below.

How to Stop Door Barking – A Smart Dog Training App Use Case.

Door Barking can not only be annoying to owners but also to their neighbors and in extreme cases has even resulted in evictions causing an owner to choose between their place and their dog. This video explains why the TrainAway method is effective in stopping door barking. No more barking everytime someone walks by, with our dog training app you can efficiently and safely stop door barking in its tracks.


Desensitize your dog to the vacuum cleaner in just minutes a day with our dog training app!

A common issue with dogs reacting to loud sounds negatively is that the reactions are too strong to train during.  TrainAway lets you lower the learning threshold by controlling the volume, duration and frequency. This allows your dog to hear the sound, learn that it’s not a threat and eventually ignore sounds like Vacuums, Thunder, Fireworks and even Gunshots for hunting dogs.  The other issue is these phobia’s have built up over lifetimes so you need a solution that can work on it’s own. Enter TrainAway, the first automated dog training app that can do the work for you.