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TrainAway is an automated dog training tool!

TrainAway uses patented technology to desensitize your dogs to sound that cause them stress.  Thunder, Fireworks, Door sounds and even vacuums!

TrainAways technology creates a safe and effective learning environment.  By using the TrainAway Automated Dog Training Tool, you great greatly increase your success rate and reduce the time spent desensitizing your dog to sounds.

It reduces the amount of stress your pet can endure when events, thunderstorms or people arriving at the door, can cause.  It is a vital tool to desensitizing your dog to sound and helping them live stress-free, all while you are away.

If your Pet suffer during thunderstorms or is tormented by fireworks TrainAway can help!

We have a full collection of professionally recorded sounds available for common scenarios.   You can even record your own!

The idea started when I needed something to help introduce our new Daughter to our dogs, Deuce and Archie.  I wanted a way to be able to control the learning environment before the big day came.  My worst fear was having a negative interaction with the dogs and new baby.  That is when I called my lifetime friend, Kris.  Kris has been training dogs both professionally and personally for over 20 years.  Together, we created TrainAway.  The best automated dog training solution for everything from new babies to vacuums.

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Charitable donations

If you would like to help the TrainAway family and are unable to purchase the app, you are welcome to donate towards our campaign. As a small, family run business every little bit helps!


TrainAway is a product of K&K Innovations, LLC.

Co-founded by Kris Lawson and Kevin Henry