Keys to Success

Be sure your device is not muted

Don’t rush it! As a dog trainer, the number one mistake I saw my clients make is trying to push their dogs to learn faster than they were comfortable. Start at a low volume level and threshold and gradually work your way up. Don’t expect results on day 1 and remember to refresh your dogs periodically after they’ve learned to ignore a sound.  My border collie took 14 days before she completely ignored the doorbells. I saw mixed results on day 7 and the majority of her gains came between days 10-14.

Choose the right speaker. TrainAway can work with any speaker including the speakers built into your phone or tablet. However, to get the best results you need to mimic the naturally occurring event. If you’re trying to desensitize your dog to thunder or fireworks you’ll want to connect to a nicer speaker.

Set yourself up for success. Don’t try and set everything up on your way out the door. Take a few minutes the night before to set everything up so when you’re rushing out the door in the morning all you need is 5 seconds to press start. Make sure your speaker and device are plugged in so they don’t run out of battery. Choose your sound or sounds and set the threshold by testing the volume. The next morning on you’re way out the door you’ll simply press start and your dog will have hours of training in a low-stress environment.