Pawsy Treat Dispenser by TrainAway

The wait is nearly over. The Pawsy Treat Dispenser that will interface with the TrainAway Pro App is almost here.

We’re taking pre-orders from backers on IndieGoGo starting this week with delivery beginning in 2020.

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What can it do? 

The TrainAway Pro App and the Pawsy Treat Dispenser combine to make an automated dog training system. Simply schedule the Training Sessions on your phone or tablet; adjust the learning thresholds and sounds to fit your dogs current needs, press start and walk away. The App will run in the background of your smart device prompting multiple training sessions throughout the day. The best part is, it works anywhere! When you get back from the office you’ll come home to a better trained dog who’s happy from all the mental stimulation he received while you were away.

Specifically The TrainAway System can help with:

  Nuisance Behaviors: like barking, jumping and begging.  

  Eliminating Noise Phobias: Thunder, Fireworks, Vacuums or any other scary sound can be counter conditioned into a positive experience

  Strengthen Commands: Use the TrainAway Pro app and your Pawsy treat dispenser to perfect commands like ‘Stay’, ‘Go to your place’ or ‘Recall’. Our progressive treat release functionality makes shaping and strengthening commands easy for you and fun for your pup!

  More functionality is added constantly: Because the TrainAway Pro App is the brain behind the system, you’ll get new functionality without ever having to buy another treat dispenser!

  • Fully Automated Training – Just set the schedule with the TrainAway Pro App and your dog will enjoy multiple training sessions throughout the day!
  • Smart Home Compatible – works with smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa.
  • Dynamic Treat Release Patterns – Help shape go to your place and Stay commands with Dynamic Treat Release Patterns. Treats release in a semi random pattern coming quickly at first then slower over time.
    Choose a pre-loaded pattern or set the # of treats and the duration.
    Example: 5 Treats in 5 minutes
    Treat Release Pattern is random between the times below so your dog isn’t able to learn the treat release times.
    #1 – 5 – 15 seconds
    #2 – 30 – 45 seconds
    #3 – 1:00 – 1:30 Minutes
    #4 – 2:00 – 2:45 Minutes
    #5 – 3:30 – 5:00 Minutes
  • Quick Treat Re-Order and Low level prompting – Never run out of treats again!
  • 100’s of Sounds – Counter condition negative behaviors associated with Doorbells, Fireworks, Trucks, Thunderstorms, Vacuums & More. Help expose your dog to new sounds; Kids & Babies etc – great for Therapy dogs!
  • Customize-able Learning Thresholds – Fit your dogs needs for optimized training.

How does it work?

To understand the TrainAway system think back to Psych 101 and Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov famously conditioned his dogs to drool at the sound of a bell. Pavlov created an association between the bell and the food, he was then able to remove the food but keep the conditioned response of drooling. The TrainAway system works the same way. Right now your doorbell is associated with someone being at the door. Your dog doesn’t know who’s at the door which often leads to anxiety which can come out as barking, jumping or rushing behaviors. TrainAway can change the association from someone being at the door to a treat dispensing on your dogs bed or crate. It does this through repetition. Right now when the doorbell rings 99% of the time it means someone is at the door. With TrainAway you can change that so that 90% of the time the doorbell rings it means a treat is on your dogs bed and no one is at the door. 

Can’t I just do that manually?

You sure can, the difficulty is finding the time. Dogs learn best in short intervals. Training a dog for an hour straight each night is less effective than 10-15 one minute training intervals throughout the day. Furthermore, dogs are pretty good at differentiating between associations. If the bell ringing with no one at the door and a treat is always preceded by you walking to the door and opening it; then dog will see this as a different action than the bell ringing on its own. 

 But what if my doorbell sounds different than your recordings? 

The TrainAway Pro App comes with 100’s of pre-loaded sounds including numerous doorbells but we clearly can’t have every chime, ring or bell out there. That’s why we have the feature to add your own sounds. We’re also working towards integrating with smart doorbells so we can use your exact sound if you have a Ring, Nest or other Smart Doorbell. 

Finally, when using positive reinforcement your dog is going to be looking for similarities rather than differences when it comes to sounds. We all know if we crinkle a bag of chips our dogs come to investigate. They also come to investigate if you crinkle a shopping bag.  They can tell the difference between the sound of a grocery bag and chip bag, but the reward of a chip is so enticing that they’ll come to investigate if they hear any thing that sounds remotely similar.

If my dog is training all the time won’t I go through a lot of treats? 

You sure will, at least at first during the strengthening phase but you’re dog will quickly master these new skills and progress to a maintenance mode where the training sessions are less frequent. You can also fill the treat hopper with less expensive and healthier combinations of treats and kibble, cheerios or goldfish. The key to this system is not using the highest level of rewards but rather consistency,  training frequency & length. 

So this all sounds great but it’s a lot of money, how do I know you can deliver?

Besides being a dog trainer I’m also an accountant and financial analystWhich means I’ve done my homework. We’ve priced everything out and know exactly what we need to get from where we are now to delivery. We’ve done pre-design and know what it will cost to bring the Pawsy to scale. The standard TrainAway App, which only uses desensitization, is already live with a 4.4 star rating on the app store. And we’ve got our developers standing by to create the TrainAway Pro app. 

modern/unique ways to help with desensitization and counterconditioning

Excited to say that Biggby (and I) were selected to review the TrainAway app!
Those of you who know me in real life know that I’m an LVT and am very passionate about dog behavior and training….and I’m very excited to see what this App has to offer. From what I’ve heard, it offers some modern/unique ways to help with desensitization and counterconditioning (including recordings of plenty of stress-inducing sounds such as doorbells, babies, etc) and even allows you to record your own sounds. I’m hoping this will help B with some of his own issues!! Stay tuned for updates. 🐕
Thank you @pupfluence and @trainaway_adt for this opportunity!


helps desensitize me from loud noises

Check out this cool training app from @trainaway_ADT. It helps desensitize me from loud noises. Mom is thrilled that I am much calmer now when I hear certain sounds.


This app is seriously genius

This app is seriously genius! Does your dog go nuts barking at the doorbell? Or petrified of thunder? I would highly suggest @trainaway_adt! ✔️🔊TrainAway is an automated dog training tool that uses patented technology to desensitize your dogs to sound that cause them stress, such as thunder, fireworks, door sounds and even vacuums.


It works

Check out this cool new app that @trainaway_adt developed. It helps with desensitizing noises that trigger your pup!
It works … and you can record your own trigger noises!


be better prepared and calmer

Have you heard about this new great app called Trainaway?!?! If you are like me and have fear of certain noises this app can help better train your furkids to be better prepared and calmer in those situations! It helped me feel less scared of noisy cars outside!


the BEST dog training app

Do you all know what day it is? IT’S T(O)T!💖 And by that I mean TRAIN AWAY TUESDAY! ✨ Did you know what @trainaway_adt is? No? Okay, let me tell you! It’s the BEST dog training app EVER! ✨ I used to be scared at all kinds of noises, doorbells/thunder. You name it. This app has helped me overcome ALL of it! Want to find out how? Check them out on IG and on the App Store: @trainaway_adt 💖 Thanks @pupfluence for such an AMAZING experience! 🌸



Over the last two weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to test this new app from @trainaway_adt 💙💚 ADT stands for automatic dog training and it’s the coolest thing because it’s EFFORTLESS. Literally. This app plays sounds that your dog reacts to at set intervals for a set amount of time to expose them to the sound and trainAway their reactions.


I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how he reacts

Baxter is super sensitive to the sound of gunshots, which is a bit of a struggle for us since we live on a hunting ranch. This app gave me a way to control the volume of the prerecorded rifle and shotgun sounds so that it was right at his threshold and then allowed me to play the sound as often as I wanted at that level so I could reward him for reacting appropriately. After about two weeks of doing this semi-regularly and slowly increasing the volume, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how he reacts to real life gunshots. Instead of shaking and cowering he will come close and look to me (since he is so used to getting treats when he hears that sound). He’s definitely still nervous, but he isn’t shutting down.


struggled with severe anxiety since we rescued him

Brock has struggled with severe anxiety since we rescued him- one of them being noise anxiety. I had no idea how to even start to help Brock’s noise anxiety because the sounds are so random, and noise anxiety is difficult to fix without making the dog even more anxious. … We are already seeing him not react nearly as much as he was before. Thank you to @trainaway_adt”


train away dogs fears in a safe way

As a typical shar-pei I’m not afraid of the common noises as the “other” dogs. I’m ok with the fireworks, with the thunder but can’t put up with the yellow buses or with trash bag…🙈🙉 This Trainaway app has collected several sounds to train away dogs fears in a safe way.


I’ve learned not to bark

My parents give this app a 5-star rating – but I, on the other hand, will most likely throw a 5-star pout because I’ve learned not to bark or run to the door when I hear a knock


Desensitize … to those bothersome noises

So what’s this cool app? Trainaway app! It has a ton of noises that make all of us doggies bark. Get this app to play the noises in the background over time those noises won’t make you bark anymore! Desensitize yourself to those bothersome noises to stop bugging your parents!


not barking at passerby’s thanks to #trainaway_adt

Showing my mom my teeth and not barking at passerby’s thanks to #trainaway_adt and #pupfluencer


Don't miss out! The first 100 backers will get 60% off of retail!

Risks and challenges

The safe thing about this pre-order is that we’re not inventing anything new. The core functionality of the App and the Treat dispenser already exist in other industries, we’re just bringing it to dogs. The Pre-design estimates we received were consistent among numerous vendors and developers. We’re confident that when we hit our funding goal we will deliver. We also believe in the under promise, over deliver philosophy. When we say we’re shipping by the end of 2020 we expect to beat that goal.